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Our Mission

Taste of the Island Vibe LLC aims to provide an authentic Caribbean taste which creates an elegant catering arrangement with a taste of the caribbean that will take your breath away !!


Our Vision

To become the premier catering service provider of a uniquely Caribbean taste that transcends the island vibe internationally. Serving authentic foods and seasoning within all dishes serve to our customers, along with fresh fruits within all our juices.

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Our Story

Nickesha Smallhorne Davis, Nicqui for short. A 37 year old divorce, single mom, that loves the Lord. She has 2 kids and a full time job, working within the mental health field since 2006. Nicqui was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica W.I.. She migrated to the United States in 2005 at the age of 22 years old. Nicqui started cooking at the age of 8 years old with her grandmother and mother. Nicqui grew up in a big family, so Sunday dinner was always a feast. From their national dish ackee and saltfish, with fry dumplings for breakfast,  rice & peas, served with brown stew chicken, saute vegetables, and a glass of natural blended fruit drink. While these strong women in her life were preparing different types of authentic Jamaican dishes; Nicqui was right there learning the tradition. Each meal served in their home was also served with a glass of natural drinks, blend and mix with all natural fresh fruits and ingredients.

Her grandmother and mother always put a twist on each dish to make it their own, but at the same time staying true to their Jamaican culture. Now today Nicqui has the same book her mother used to put home receipts in; she is now adding her own, and teaching her daughter Madison and son Aiden how to make these island dishes. 

Her grandmother and mother used to cook various dishes and sell on the street side of Jamaica; plus addition her grandmother’s sister owned and operated a restaurant and bar near downtown Kingston. 

In 2009 Nicqui decided to take her love for creating amazing Jamaican dishes and the love she has for the island culture, to start her own catering company. She will bring all the teaching from her childhood, along with her years of cooking on her own as she grew, and put them all together in one place, hence the birth of Taste Of The Island Vibe LLC.

100% Organic

Fresh Vegetables and ingredients

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Over 25 years of aunthentic teaching and culture put together

Fresh & Innovative

All dish and drinks are made with natrual and fresh ingredients

Who We Serve

If you love Jamaican cuisine, let us cater to your taste vibe. If you are a single mom that works long hours and has a long work week at her 9-5 or 7 days work week; who has come home tired and doesn’t want to make a meal or order fast food; or the business crew that has so much meeting and reports to complete and is also tired of cheese, mayo sandwich, allow TOTIV to cater to their taste buds, we will give them a taste of the island within their office.

The friend who would like to celebrate their best friend’s big day (birthday/ promotion/wedding) allowing TOTIV to cater to your taste buds and bring the Jamaican vibe to your event. 

We would love to cater to the married couple who is celebrating a special occasion and want a theme night. Bringing the Jamaican vibe to their dining room.

We serve anyone that would love to try our cuisine. when you try us, and love us please leave a review. Find us on Instagram and Facebook.

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We also cater Friday Night Dinners and deliver to local surrounding towns.

Meet Our Chef

Nickesha Smallhorne Davis – Chef Nicqui, she was born and raised in the island of Jamaica, East Kingston. She grew up in a small rural community. She started cooking at the age of 8 years old under the supervision of her grandmother and mother.

On Sundays for dinner they made different dishes such as rice and peas, stew oxtails simmered with baked beans, served with saute vegetables, with slice salad (tomatoes). They also had bigger feats during special occasions such as birthdays, Easter, Christmas just to name a few. Some dishes they had were curry chicken simmered with potatoes and carrots and white rice, pot roast pork, jerk pork, baked fish stuff with steam callaloo, and so on. Their drinks were blended fruits such as soursop, mango, mix with carrot and pineapple, ginger, Jamaican famous carrot juice; they had two ways of making this. Nicqui’s childhood when it comes to food made her the chef she is today.



Chef Nicqui

Chef Nicqui



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“Leave a Review”

“Leave a Review”

“Leave a review”

Let’s Work Together!

My name is Nickesha Smallhorne Davis and I am the Head Chef and Owner of Taste Of The Island Vibe LLC; what that means is I will take all your food ideas for your social gathering and center them with an authentic island cuisine for a successful event!!!